The Psi Chi Honor Society & Psychology Club holds lots of events throughout the semester and we encourage our members to participate whenever possible. Being an active and dedicated member also helps you earn points to reduce your chapter dues!

Read below to find out more about our general meetings, socials, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, academic events, and inductions!

General Meetings

Our meetings are held about every three weeks on Thursday's from 5:45pm – 6:45pm, during the Fall and Spring semesters (see calendar for upcoming meetings dates). Meetings are open to all Psi Chi Honor Society and UH Psychology Club members as well as anyone interested in psychology or wanting to learn more about our organizations!

Meetings are typically held in the Heyne building, room 135.

Missed a meeting or academic presentation? View the meeting in our Teams Channel below.

Social Events

We host about 3 socials per semester for our members. Socials include dinners, bowling, karaoke, picnics, holiday parties, and other fun events! Check the calendar for details about upcoming socials and to RSVP!

Volunteer Opportunities

A large part of our organization's mission is to serve the community around us. We are proud to organize and provide volunteer opportunities to our members. We host about 3 community service events per semester for our members. Check the calendar for details about upcoming volunteer opportunities and to RSVP!

Additionally, we are also offering virtual volunteer opportunities this semester. Please see the opportunities below. Click the organization to view the website and instructions.

Project Sunshine

Join UH Psi Chi & Psychology Club as we support Project Sunshine. Project Sunshine works with medical centers across the US to transform hospitals, outpatient centers, and long-term care facilities into cheerful places for pediatric patients and families. In order to receive points for this volunteer opportunity, you must join their Social Media Ambassador program, share one of their posts, tag us, and email us the screenshot. You may share more than one post, however, please note that you can only receive 25 points total.



Letters Against Depression

Letters Against Depression hand-write letters of Hope and Support to people all over the world battling depression and other mental illnesses, spreading the message that “You are not alone” and that “You matter”! To earn points for this volunteer opportunity, please register to become a volunteer. Once you register, the portal will provide you with a list of instructions to write your letter and to whom. Once your letter is sent and received, please forward us the confirmation letter and number of hours received. You may send more than one letter, however, please note that you can only receive 25 points total. Additionally, please keep in mind that because you do need to send physical letters, and wait for confirmation that the organization received it, please be sure to begin early.

Academic Events

The Psi Chi International Honor Society is focused around academic excellence and as such we strive to provide academic resources to our members, such as career talks and GRE study sessions. We host about 3 academic events per semester which are often professionals and academics speakers from psychology or psychology related fields as well as our popular graduate school panel. Check the calendar for details about upcoming academic events and to RSVP!


In an effort to provide for our members and better the UH chapter of Psi Chi and Psychology Club, we host about 3 fundraising events per semester. These events are vital for the success of our organizations and require your contribution, such as donating your time or baked goods! Check the calendar for details about upcoming fundraising opportunities and to RSVP!


At the end of every semester we hold a formal induction ceremony and dinner reception for new Psi Chi International Honor Society members accepted into the organization that semester. This event honors the hard work and dedication of our new Psi Chi members and is a special occasion which few members miss! Dinner, awards, door prizes, and more! Check the calendar for details about inductions and to RSVP!